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Baby Camel and Silk Yarn


One of the most gorgeous yarns ever!!  This blend of 50% Baby Camel and 50% Mulberry Silk is exquisite in colour, feel, drape, and is a yarn I have used a lot.  The soft blush tone is divine.


Suitable for knitting, crocheting, weaving, tassels, braids, and so much more, I'm sure.


Last photo shows a scarf I made using this yarn in 3ply with the Baby Suri Alpaca & Silk yarn.  Every time I make something in this yarn, it's sold almost instantly.   There's just something about it.


Available in 2ply, 3ply and 4ply.

Nm 2/16.... 2ply.... 800m
Nm 3/16.... 3ply.... 533m 
Nm 4/16.... 4ply.... 400m



Baby Camel and Silk Yarn

SKU: BCS3-16
100 Grams
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