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Eri 'Peace' Silk Slubby Yarn


Eri Silk is one of the 'Peace' silks.

A fine, off-white slubby silk, this is one of my favourite weft yarns. It's subtle, and often what lifts a weave is the 'light'. This yarn lightens and brightens without adding sheen. I love a non-shiny silk.


It's not a strong yarn, so not suitable for a warp, but if you want something subtle, delicate and beautiful, this is a gorgeous yarn to use. It'd be beautiful as a 2nd strand with another yarn, just to bring that subtle light in.


Used with another yarn, it could be knitted, crocheted, but is strong enough as a weft thread in weaving on its own.


Silk dyes very well, too.


Nm 20/1.... laceweight.... 2000m



Eri 'Peace' Silk Slubby Yarn

100 Grams
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