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Handspun Tussah and Eri Silk



The variations in texture, colour and sheen in this yarn make it very interesting, versatile and appealing. There's the occasional peduncle (where the cocoon attaches to the plant) that adds an 'earthiness' to the yarn.


I've used this as both warp and weft yarn, and every time I make something in this yarn it sells quickly. Last photo shows one of the scarves I've made using it.

As a warp, it helps to have another yarn alongside it. It does require patience as a warp, but is well worth it.


A very interesting yarn with a lot of appeal to those who love natural fibres.


Suitable for knitting, weaving, tapestry and other creative projects.


An interesting yarn always makes an interesting piece.



Handspun Tussah and Eri Silk

100 Grams
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