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Muga 'Peace' Silk Yarn


This gorgeous honey-toned Muga Silk was once used only for royalty.  It is one of the highest quality silks, known for its durability, and its beautiful lustre which increases with each wash.

This Muga Silk Yarn is exquisite in colour and sheen and has to be one of the most beautiful silks available. 


Being a wild silk, it is produced in smaller quantities so not as readily available as other silks.


A yarn that is suitable for knitting, crochet, weaving, and any creative venture that would be enhanced with a touch of warm golden honey.


Would dye well, too, but, that colour!!


Nm 120/2/6.... finer than 2ply weight.... 1000m



Muga 'Peace' Silk Yarn

SKU: MPSY-120-2-6
100 Grams
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