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Mulberry Embroidery Silk Yarn - Mini Skeins


A beautiful soft Mulberry Embroidery Silk 20/2 (2ply) yarn in 17 different colours. Being a 2 stranded silk, it's easily made into a single strand for finer embroidery work.


Not only are these beautiful for embroidery, I use them to add a bit of colour to a weaving project (see last photo). A lot of colour options without having to buy multiple full skeins of yarn.


Can also be used for knitting, crochet, tapestry, tassels, braids......


Each skein is 10g, with 90m per skein.


Available as a complete bundle of 17 colours, a bundle of 9 paler colours, or a bundle of 8 rich colours.


100% Mulberry Silk Mini Skeins - 10g each

20/2.... 2ply.... 90m per skein



Mulberry Embroidery Silk Yarn - Mini Skeins

170 Grams
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