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Mulberry Noil Silk Yarn


One of my absolute favourite 'go to' yarns is this natural Mulberry Noil silk. It's soft, yet strong enough to use as a warp thread. It's neutral and goes with everything. It's got a bit of interest in the yarn, yet doesn't dominate anything it's put with. I've used this as a warp and a weft yarn.


Last photos show a scarf I made using it as a weft, and shawl photo shows it used as a warp.


It's also available in red, blue, and black ($16 per 100g)


Suitable for knitting, weaving, crochet, braids, tassels....


And it dyes beautifully, too.


Nm 7/1.... 2ply weight


Available in 100g skeins or 250g cones.
100g skeins.... 700m

250g cones.... 1750m



Natural Mulberry Noil Silk Yarn

100 Grams
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