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Pima Cotton 4ply


A beautiful cotton with a subtle sheen.  Pima cotton has one of the longest strands of cotton, resulting in a soft, lustrous cotton yarn.  It's resistant to pilling, fraying, tearing, and has a lovely lustrous finish.


A beautiful yarn to work with... strong, soft, and a subtle sheen. Suitable for knitting, crochet, weaving, and dyes well, too.


Pima Cotton is also known as Egyptian Cotton and is highly sought after for its long fibres, giving it softness.


Nm 4/16
400m per 100g 




Second photo shows Pima Cotton in DK (220m), 4ply (400m) and 2ply (800m)



Pima Cotton 4ply

SKU: PC4-16
100 Grams
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