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Red Eri 'Peace' Silk Yarn


Red Eri Silk is one of the 'Peace' silks.

It's so soft, and the colour is so rich and naturally beautiful, with a low sheen that brightens under light (as with most silks).


This yarn is Aran weight, with 200m per 100g skein, so good for knitting, crocheting, weaving...


Some yarns are best seen in person to really feel their luxuriousness.  This is one of them.


Nm 20/2/5.... Aran weight.... around a 10ply equivalent.... 200m



Red Eri 'Peace' Silk Yarn

SKU: RESY20-2-5
100 Grams
  • The gorgeous, rich mustard colour comes from caterpillars' diet of castor oil and cassava leaves.

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