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Thick Tussah Handspun Silk Yarn


This raw Handspun Tussah Silk is very textural in beautiful earthy shades of brown.  Being a thicker handspun silk, and a raw silk, there is a slight stiffness in the skein from the sericin produced by the silkworm in making the cocoon.  Sericin holds the silk fibres of the cocoon together.  Like cocoons, when the sericin is in the silk the silk produced isn't as loose, which also makes it not as soft.


The sericin can easily be removed, and the first and last photos show the top skein in the photos having had one wash to reduce the sericin content.  This makes the silk fibres soften, relax, and fluff out.

The yarn can also be used just as it is.  It will relax as it's washed and worn.


This is an interesting statement yarn, something to use for an earthy natural appeal. 

It can be used on its own as a weft yarn in a weave, or a rustic knit (would make a very cool beanie!), and would look great in saori weaves, tapestry weaves, and even added to basket weaving pieces.


Give it a go!  



Thick Tussah Handspun Silk Yarn

100 Grams
  • Boiling water and a mild detergent dissolve sericin.

    In a large sink, add a little cold water and some detergent. Open up the skein, keeping the ties in place, and put it in the sink leaving room to pour the boiling water in the middle .

    Slowly pour boiling water into the center, not directly onto the silk, and gently move the skein using a wooden spoon. 

    When you can see that the yarn is loosening, using the wooden spoon lift the skein from the sink.  Fill sink with cold water, gently rinse skein, handling minimally.

    Remove the skein and roll in a dry towel to remove excess water.

    Place on a drying rack. Seperate the strands of yarn so they don't entangle.

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