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Tussah and Peduncle Silk Yarn


A gorgeous soft natural yarn, a blend of Tussah and Peduncle silks.


There's a hint of a warm honey tone in the Tussah under certain light, and I love the interesting variations that this yarn has with a tuft of Peduncle here and there.


This used to be a 20/2 yarn, but is now spun differently, which I think results in a nicer yarn with more variations.


Suitable for knitting, crochet, weaving, machine knitting, tassels, braids, spinning and more.


I've used this as a weft yarn in a scarf I made, with Peduncle silk as the warp. They go so well together! (last photo)


Nm 40/2/2.... 2ply


Available in 100g skeins or 250g cones.
100g skeins.... 1000m

250g cones.... 2500m



Tussah and Peduncle Silk Yarn

100 Grams
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