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Handspun Tussah Silk Yarn


I love the gorgeous variations of tone in this Handspun Tussah Silk Yarn.  It's got golden tones through to dark brown, with variations in texture too.


It's very similar, at first glance, to the Handspun Tussah Ghicha Yarn (which I used to refer to as Handspun Tussah Yarn).
The last 2 photos show this Handspun Tussah Silk Yarn on the left, and the Handspun Tussah Ghicha Silk Yarn on the right.
This yarn is smoother, slightly thicker, and stronger than the Handspun Tussah Ghicha, and it's strong enough to use as a warp thread whereas the Tussah Ghicha isn't.


This yarn is also a bit darker in tone, maybe because it's not so whispy.  


I love them both, and would like to weave something up one day with this as the warp, and the Tussah Ghicha as the weft.  


A beautiful yarn with rustic, earthy natural appeal.


Fine, but strong, and soft.  All silks soften further as they're handled, worn, and washed, too.



Handspun Tussah Silk Yarn

100 Grams
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